On Alert

Mai 15, 2015

On Alert is the first small independent piece of the MoveMen program, in trio, presented as a work in progress in the Dance Space program “Food for Thought” in New York in May 2015, then again on the Grande Scène des Petites Scènes ouvert in December 2017.

Blue Room


Blue Room is the collaboration of Chinese artist Dai Jian and Russian origin artist Elena Demyanenko, students of Tirisha Brown Dance Company. In this duo exploring the subtleties of romantic relationships, two minds and bodies with all the richness of their past, so different behaviors, languages and cultures suture, provoking a unique third presence in each performance. Piece co-produced and performed at NY Live Arts in 2014

Movement Logic Re-pot


Movement Logic Repot -2013 is a conceptual piece danced and structured around the refined movement of the dancer as the nature of language (body and movement) with aiming the explorations of logics movement in depth. Taking the form of a simple academic exercise exploring the logics of the body during various games, this piece puts into perspective different logical and physical reactions to the directions given to each dancer at the same time. Each note initiates the same reaction among the dancers with an infinite number of variations in the impulse of their movements. The work focuses on the body language, purely aesthetic of the dancer and at the same time makes the rational analysis of the links and interactions between the bodies and movements of the dancers, and this with as much precision as a mathematical formula.

Why are the bugs busy?

Oct 10, 2015

Why are the bugs busy? (2015) Chorégraphie et Installation pour L’Université Normale de Pékin, lors du séminaire de Danse Créative International autour du thème “Pureté et Variabilité”.

​See! I am running like a fool as you are, from A to B and B to Z.

One second, I am looking back. The feeling of the grass disappears.

But the bugs remain busy.

Question:”Miss bugs! Where is the sofa?”

一是1否 – One is 1 or Not

Apr 01, 2012

Choreography : Dai Jian
Music : Li Tie Qiao – Light : Shi Meng- Design et installation : Dai Jian et Shi Meng

One is 1 or Not is an experimental work exploring the performers’roles and their points of view. Part of the audience can approach, participate and feel the dancers through different angles and perspectives. The audience being on stage is also observed by the other other members. The performance space changes and so does the show. The challenge is to create and recreate sequences of choreographed movements that are modified or driven over the performance by the reactions of the audience. The premiere of this performance was presented at the Guangdong Modern Dance Theater in April 2012. One is 1 or Not is co-produced and performed by the Canton Modern Dance Company.

Antititled – Ran tea house

Jan 17, 2012

Experimental project directed by Dai Jian with the idea of bringing the Arts off stage into the public’s life and making them talk with them. What relationship with the spectator can we create in representation in his social space? The improvisation dialogues with the spontaneity of the audience.

“If today’s people are no longer going to the theater that often, can the performers be active enough to get closer to them and communicate with them?” Dai Jian.

Collaboration: The time it takes

Aug 01, 2012

Dai Jian improvises with two other international artists for a dance video directed by Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes in South Uist, Scotland. This work is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and the rich history of the island, in particular its recent Neolithic discoveries. The goal was to approach the work by improvisation, the assembly of fragments of movements and responses to the environment so as to make a composite montage that would invoke a sense of this place, of its character, and which would invite to an emergence of a story in the viewer, encouraged to carry out his internal archaeological excavations.

Collaboration: Nature of Forces

Jun 01, 2010

A documentary featuring renowned improvisational dancer artist Kirstie Simson. Katrina McPherson spent over 5 years filming Kirstie Simson performing and teaching across Europe, culminating in an off performance with artists Michael Schumacher, Kenzo Kusuda and Dai Jian at Universal Hall. Nature of Forces in particular combines filmed performance, documentary footage and in-depth interviews with Kirstie, in which she talks about her lifelong practice, her passionate belief in the power of dance to gather people and transform their lives.

Early Works

Jun 01, 2000

A video presenting Dai Jian’s first choreographic and dance works. He started creating at the age of 19. This video aims to show the evolution of his artistic work.

On the Way the first solo presented was created and danced by Dai Jian in 1999. It is followed in this video by his creations for the Guangzhou Song and Dance Ensemble.

Twelve years later, in 2012, Dai Jian’s Solo On the Way was selected as a compulsory piece of work for the Boston International Ballet Competition.