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Our mission at MaiOui Danse Arts means something to you ? Join us and become a member !

To be an active member : annual membership fee of 15 euros to receive our calendar and warm invitations for MaiOui Danse Arts events.

To be a benefactor member : entry fee of 75 euros minimum and annual membership of 15 euros. These members will be exclusively invited to the performance avant-première or dress rehearsal and will be entitled to a free danse or art workshop offered by the Association.

To be a honorary member : The board will choose its honor members among active and benefactor members.

​For those you would like to offer their help and assistance to support the company in any other way, please contact us directly with your proposal, it is warmly welcome!

​Your financial contribution will enable us to pursue our goals and activities: studios rental for creation, administrative tasks, applications for grants, residencies and performance stages, distribution and communication for the association.

​We thank you very much for your generosity and are looking forward to grow MaiOui danse Arts with you.

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Please send your check payable to MaiOui Danse Arts at : MaiOui Danse Arts -16, Quai Joseph Gillet – 69004 LYON

Or make a bank transfer. IBAN of MaiOui Danse: FR76 1780 6002 7904 1197 0813 959