The company

MaiOui Danse Arts is the organization supporting the creative work of the artist Dai Jian and its distribution .

This non-profit organization (status Loi 1901 in France) aims at accompanying all types of publics into a very personal artistic approach, encouraging the experience of the Arts in their daily lives and rehabilitating the values and benefits of the creative process :

  • ​Supporting the artists’ creations and their distribution for stages, museums or any other appropriated public place.
  • Developing Art and Culture educational programs focusing on the creative process itself, giving access to direct contacts with professionals of performing and visual Arts.
  • Passing on our creations by all types of medias
  • Establishing in the long run Art Center(s) to share, exchange, experiment and assist artistic creations. This (these) space(s) will be open to the general public and will target sometimes specific audiences.
  • Elaborating a continued research between Arts, Sciences and our contemporary society.

The company receives support from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Région and Lyon city.