Eco Echo, Artificial Circulation

Piece for 3 dancers, Environmental format for outdoor & museum performance.
Choreography by Dai Jian, dance by Héloise Larue, Erwin Le Goallec and Arianna Rodeghiero, Visual installation by Paul Ambrosino

At a time of energy savings and the inexorable call of our planet to cherish it and respect the fragile balance of its ecosystem, let’s take a unique look as a dancer of our time on what contemporary ecology can mean in our bodies and our movements.

Will the sharpest inventions and creations of our time serve the rebirth of a nature almost already lost?

 Will human energy be ecological and sustainable ? It inspires the continuity and reincarnation of the movement of our species deeply inscribed in our highly technological world.

Eco Echo, Artificial Circulation is a piece in which the energy of movement is transmitted, transformed and reincarnated by traveling from one dancer to another without anything in the gestures and the course of the movement stopping it.

The choreography is supported by imposing half-human, half-plastic works intermingling Man and his artefacts, relics of a primary world from which he cannot get rid.

 Each dancer in his own way challenges an audience and a territory. He draws his energy from his history and his accumulated dances, he recycles himself and walks through the meanders of his acquired and repeated movements, yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow.

 The balance of this world now depends on us, on the progress and march of Science towards a digital future faster than light, abundant, and mysterious. Let humanity then dance, let our bodies move to awaken learned minds, let our artificial intelligences begin to move!

Creation 2022, premiered at Aurillac Festival at la Manufacture d’Aurillac
Project supported in experimental residency by LE RAMDAM, UN CENTER D’ART
Hosted in residence at the Aurillac Manufacture and the Choreographic Studio Chapelle Sainte-Marie
With research assistance from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region and operating assistance from the City of Lyon