Choreographer and performer : Dai Jian
Sound & light design and music : Li Tieqiao
Improvised danse forIdance Taipei

Ponder the inner nature

The solitary individual seeks a moment of isolation for his well-being. He is not alone, however, he is accompanied by all the people he is, he has been, who follows him, precedes him and surrounds him to reassure him. His link to the Other is inexorably there, omnipresent because he charges his memory and his personality, his inner self. Loneliness is also a reclusive, remote, unexplored area. This is perhaps where we can take such a research at the crossroads between oneself and others, in the solitude challenged by the performance in the eyes of all, in the experimentation of improvisation by assuming all of his experience . What if we were never alone?

Li Tieqiao transforms the capture of light in the room into sound and Dai Jian responds with his movements.