WIP (2019)

“Ne travaillez jamais” (Do not ever work) Guy Debord La Société du Spectacle

Inspired by this philospher, Dai Jian researches through this new creation in France a way to express the organic and original movement, never forced. This movement comes to the dancer by itself if one can listen to it and give it enough space to exist. It’s by observing daily gestures outside of stage and studios, when he warms up, or when the senses awaken in a total release moment, when the body is perfectly sensitive and aware, that Dai Jian builds this work enriched in emotions, energies, background training, dealing with his own past and habits.

With the  the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region’s support, Residences and Studio reception: Les Subsistances, CND de Lyon, Théâtre Pied Nu, Le Croiseur sur Saône.