Choreographer : Dai Jian
Peformer : Erwin Le Goallec
Costumes : concept by Dai Jian
Lights : Agathe Geffroy
Music: Tao Feng / Guitare & Voice: Robert Ziganshin
Duration : 30min
Year of creation : 2018 – Rework 2020

WIP for One

Clad in an industrial outfit, impersonal and dazzling with an aseptic whiteness, the dancer moves in a very sober setting in contact with Billy – a heavy wooden tray. The latter structures and frames his freedom of expression through its constraining weight and its binding format. His inner light, shadow and movements untie and multiply. Sometimes bending under his burden, sometimes rediscovering the courage to emancipate himself, the dancer splits. To the rhythm of the clicks of his footsteps, an unprecedented dialogue is established between the performer and the thinker he is, all at once.